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Consent of Surety/Agreement to Bond

A Consent of Surety or Agreement to Bond, is often required at the tendering stage of a contract in conjunction with or as a substitute for a bid bond.

This form of document will specify, under seal, that a surety company has obligated itself to issue performance bonds and other forms of security (eg. labour and material payment bonds, maintenance bonds) in support of a contractor should it be successful in its bid and called upon to enter into a formal contract.

It should be noted that the requirement for a consent of surety/agreement to bond may sometimes appear as a “letter from the surety company” or similar in tender documents. At other times the requirement may be simply for a prequalification letter from the surety company which is a much less formal matter.

A consent of surety/agreement to bond is a bond and as such places a legal obligation on both the surety company and the company submitting the tender bid.

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